Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock was born and raised in Montreal, where she earned a degree in history at McGill University. She now lives in Toronto, the city that provides the setting for some of her novels.
Determined since age 12 to be a writer, she chose to write mysteries because that’s what she loves to read. She used to loathe creating story outlines, but is now a zealous planner because that’s what it takes to craft a satisfying mystery.
Some of her novels have been inspired by real-life events she has read about in the newspaper or heard of on the news. For example, the starting point for The Body in the Basement was the discovery that a body had been buried under a local car dealership for thirty years.
When she’s not writing teen mysteries, McClintock works as a free-lance editor for charitable organizations and makes fudge brownies “to die for.”
She is the only five-time winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Juvenile Fiction, a Canadian award that recognizes excellence in crime writing.
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