4 Kinds of Strainers for Industrial Business

In the area of industrial business, often dealing with chemicals, gases, oil, and other hazardous materials there are common challenges. Proper treatment and handling of these materials happens to be one of the most difficult of the bunch. For this there are a variety of tools and in this case we are going to be discussing strainers.

Strainers are used to process such materials in a handful of industries including:

Each of these have unique designs that specialize for specific needs and outcomes. A few of these to consider are:

Automatic Strainers

Automatic strainers are going to have a list of features that may be exactly what you are looking for to simplify your business needs. Features include:

Simplex Basket Strainers

There are multiple versions of this item, which are:

Each of these will have specific features to target job performance needs and can be read more in depth here.

IFC Series DB125 Iron Duplex Strainers

This strainer has four butterfly valves used to divert and isolate flow pipelines. It has cast components with the option of quick opening clamp covers. This is an inexpensive option that can get the job done without having to invest too heavily into the piece of equipment.

IFC Series DB150 Steel Duplex Strainers

This strainer has a standard thru bolt cover design. There are custom modifications available should the client wish to have special design implemented. This particular strainer can be applied to horizontal pipelines. Vents and special covers are an optional choice to further entice the design of this particular model.

Keeping Pipelines Clear is Essential

The idea behind a strainer is a better functioning and more reliable pipeline. Strainers enable the pipelines to run clear and keep themselves clean. The problem of unwanted materials running through pipelines is a never-ending one; the good thing is that there are options to make it manageable.

While there are various pieces of equipment that are designed to take care of these problems flowing through the pipeline, there are none that are as reliable as a strainer. Some even suggest to have a filter installed and then install a strainer after to maximize the chance for success of keeping a pipeline clear.

As mentioned earlier, there are several industries that rely on pipelines being clear and reliable for an umber of reasons. This is an option to make sure they do exactly that, take a look and see which filter fits your needs.

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