5 Reasons For Buying An Antivirus When You Can Use It For Free


By the time you’ve started reading this article, it must have occurred to you a zillion times already- Why buy an antivirus software when it can be downloaded for free? Well, there are some technicalities which people need to know for understanding how the paid software has an edge over the free counterparts:

1. Technical Customer Support

The paid antivirus software has the telephonic technical support facility. Having a trained and professional technical support at the beck and call of their customers to assist them through difficulties is something that comes only with the paid version of the software. If you get confused easily with the programs, you should definitely buy an antivirus software.

2. Computer Performance

The sole aim of a virus or a malware attacking your computer is to affect its performance. Viruses often enter the computer via programs downloaded from distrusted websites or unknown links received in the email. They move into the secondary storage and the performance of the computer gets compromised to a very large extent. The viruses are capable of blocking important programs and hence make the system sluggish.

Antivirus software can block the installation of harmful programs coming from unknown sources and protect the computer. A free antivirus can perform almost as efficiently as the paid ones in most situations like these, but the fact that the paid program will be more capable of identifying new threats and their removal makes them a much better choice. It would also be capable of restricting programs from accessing the files they are not supposed to access.

3. Advertising

One of the biggest drawbacks of using free antivirus software is that they are loaded with advertisements which turn out to be very irritating at times. Most of the advertisements are focused towards migrating the user to a paid antivirus plan. The advertisements often pop up and cause distractions and discomfort.
There are no such advertisements in the paid antivirus software.

4. Keeping children safe online

Children browsing the internet are prone to the malware generated links which when clicked, redirect them to websites full of adult content which is inappropriate for children. This is a big concern for parents.

This situation is best dealt by a paid antivirus. While people would expect the free versions of antivirus software to have these features, parental control settings is one of the embedded features of paid antivirus software. The bottom line is, if you have children, buy an antivirus software rather than taking risk upon the free options available.

5. Compatibility & Extra Features

The paid programs are generally easier to run and have very few conflicts with the other applications. They also have extra features such as online security, firewalls, safety alert from fake websites, secure bank transactions and much more. They are also much more efficient in protecting the user from any cyber attack or any data stealing software such as key loggers that record the user’s keystrokes.

In a nutshell, the choice of using paid or free antivirus software totally depends on the user’s requirements, although using paid antivirus software gives the user the much needed sense of security. Always remember to be smart when shopping for anti-virus software, only buy from reputable sellers like Software King!


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