Are You Maximizing the Use of Your Restaurant Paging System?

The new trend in restaurant paging is to use a text messaging system to communicate directly with your guests. You simply need to gather their name and phone number and to invest in the restaurant paging system software to implement its use. Some restaurants have already transitioned to this type of system, but even among those who have, the full benefits of this type of system may not currently be in use. For example, you may be using outdated technology that offers only minimal benefits. A closer look of how the most advanced text-based restaurant paging system can benefit your venue may help you to take full advantage of what this type of system can provide.

Making and Confirming Reservations
While you may use a restaurant paging system to manage your wait list, many patrons prefer to avoid a wait list altogether and to make a reservation for their meal. However, some restaurants find that reservations are burdensome to deal with and that many patrons do not show up for reservations, and they may not currently offer reservations to their patrons. Through the use of the right software program, your team can easily make and confirm reservations through text messaging, and you can also send a reminder of the reservation out an hour or two before the time arrives to further ensure that the patron will show up for his or her reservation.

Monitoring Wait List Status
Some text-based systems simply send a text message to patrons when their table is ready, but others go a step above and beyond to keep guests updated on their wait list status. For example, some will notify guests when there are only a few people in front of them on the wait list. Others will notify guests when the estimated wait time remaining is only five minutes or less. This allows those who have ventured away from the venue during the wait time to make their way back.

Sending a Follow Up Message
Some paging systems can also be used to send follow up messages to patrons after their meal. By doing so, you can ensure that they had a great dining experience. You may also solicit feedback so that you can make improvements, or you may even offer a discount on their next meal with you to encourage them to dine again.

As you can see, the right restaurant paging system can improve your operations and enhance the customer experience in critical ways. Whether you are still using a paging device or you are using a basic text messaging system, now may be the time to upgrade to a state-of-the-art paging system.

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