How To Build Your Home From Scratch in 7 Steps


Home Sweet Home- Whenever the word ‘home’ echoes in our ears, our consciousness walks down our memory lanes to our childhood, where we often remember of ourselves with our parents or friends. All the pictures share a common place, a place which is idolized as unit to compare other place’s comfort level with, that is Home.

Building our own place is actually not a very hard nut to crack but it surely requires a lot of planning as everyone seeks for ultimate perfection when it comes to their own place. Whether you use the services of a company like Altus Group or try your own hand at it, here are some of the necessary things to keep in mind are:

1. Discussion

Be democratic- Your family seeks allowance to put their views on the place where they are supposed to spend their memorable days in. So, give them opportunity to visit the plot and the locality. Let them suggest their opinion and always put it under consideration.

2. Lawyer up

Believe it or not but the actual saying must be, “With great plan, comes great responsibility”. Before even thinking of the further plans shield yourself with proper legalities. Get a good lawyer to attain all the required permits and clearance. It may sound emphasized but this must be your foremost plan.

3. Budget Fixation

Hopefully it’s the first and last chance you will get to build a house from scratch. So, be specific. Setting a flexible budget is always a better start. Target such an amount which can be extended a bit without leaving a big hole in your wallet. Strictly stick to this predefined budget but also, try not to be a miser.

4. Mapping

The key to attraction is looks as it is all about the first impression. Try to implement some innovative designs which are capable of making your house stand out.

Try to have enough interior space to fit any of your future celebrations. Never forget to keep basic utilities like electrical, sewage system, septic system, etc. in mind as they need their own non-negotiable space. Also, do not forget to adjust the alignment of these utilities as per you and your family’s requirements.

5. Market Research

You might possess a flexible budget but who doesn’t want savings? To avail a fair and satisfactory deal visit as many places as you can for all the required house building raw materials. You might get a discount as you will be ordering the materials in bulk.

Visiting multiple places gives you a clear idea of the current market conditions. You could end up saving a handsome amount and stand tall in front of your friends and family.

6. Construction

Construction’s purpose is threefold. First, start with assembling a prominent team of construction workers. The next step would be making sure whether the materials being used are of excellent quality. Once the aforementioned two things are set, work on the foundations of your house and make sure that you make them strong enough.

7. Designing the Interiors and Exteriors

The first thing that strikes to my mind before getting someone a present is- Packing it good enough. Presentation matters. Exterior designing is not only about shielding your house against harsh weather conditions, but also of giving a top class look to your house which even your neighbours will adore. Sailing on the same boat is the case with interiors too. Try to keep it classy by choosing simple and smooth colours.

You are now almost ready to build your own place. Always try to keep it innovative. Now it’s time. Get you dream house folks!

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