Should You Buy Or Lease Office Equipment


Whether or not to buy your office equipment new or used can be a significant choice in your business’s success. Many small or at home businesses are worried about making the transition to expand into an office space where not only will they be hit with the building expenses but also with the costs of filling that office space with the equipment they need. Equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and a stock of ink cartridges can almost double your space fees for the first few months if you do not shop wisely for your ‘new’ office equipment.

Here are some things to consider when stocking or re-stocking your office equipment so that your company can be equipped for any task no matter the company’s financial status:

  1. Choose an equipment vendor with flexible purchase options such as WestX. It is best to choose a printer and photocopier vendor that you can grow (or shrink) into. When you are first starting your company or making a transition, cash flow may be your priority. If so, choose an equipment vendor that has a lease option. Leasing your printers and copiers can relieve you of the burden of large upfront payments. This can create some space for your company to afford other upfront costs of your transition without compromising the productivity of your office. If there is one thing that all businesses should know it is that to get behind on your administrative work is a dangerous slippery slope that can cost you much more in the long run in bookkeeping and accounting fees. Be sure that you have your printers and copiers up and running at all times so that your administrative work doesn’t lag, causing you later, expensive problems. Leasing options can get your equipment quickly with low upfront costs.
  2. Consider buying used printers and photocopiers if you are on a strict budget. Buying used but good quality printers and photocopiers can be significant in maintaining your bottom line on your financial records. Buying used can be a great option when your capital is tight and you anticipate a clear future date of when you can upgrade. Most used equipment is refurbished, and though it is often guaranteed by the vendor for some specified amount of time, it usually will not have the endurance of a brand new printer or copier. So, when buying new, also draft a timeline of when your company plans to upgrade over the years and save up accordingly.
  3. The benefits of buying a brand new printer or copier are that they become a part of your company’s assets. As such, it is important to do thorough research on the brand and to make sure that it has all the features that your company requires to carry out its important tasks. With that being said, it is also important that you have a good sense of your office needs so that you are not overspending on a machine that is far more elaborate than your company’s needs. Finally, when buying new printers and copiers, ask your vendor about future upgrade programs they may have and whether or not the company buys back equipment as a part of their refurbishing program.

Overall, when stocking your office with printers and copiers, not only do you need to research the machines but you also need a good sense of your company’s financial health and future. Seek out a printer and copier company that has options flexible enough for your company’s needs.

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